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Movie: All Quiet on the Western Front ( 1930 )
A young soldier faces profound disillusionment in the soul-destroying horror of World War I.
Movie: The Fighting 69th ( 1940 )
Although loudmouthed braggart Jerry Plunkett alienates his comrades and officers, Father Duffy, the regimental chaplain, has faith that he'll prove himself in the end.
Movie: The Spy in Black ( 1939 )
A German submarine is sent to the Orkney Isles in 1917 to sink the British fleet.
Movie: Beau Geste ( 1939 )
Three adopted English brothers join the French Foreign Legion in North Africa, after one of them steals their adoptive family's famous heirloom sapphire.
Movie: Dark Command ( 1940 )
In Kansas, during the Civil War opposing pro-Union and pro-Confederate camps clash and visiting Texan Bob Seton runs afoul of William Cantrell's Raiders.
Movie: The Long Voyage Home ( 1940 )
In 1940, the motley crew of the British tramp steamer SS Glencairn prepares the ship for its perilous voyage from the West Indies to Baltimore and then to England.
Movie: Sundown ( 1941 )
In 1941, a mysterious Somaliland native woman helps the British against the Nazis.
Movie: 49th Parallel ( 1941 )
A World War II U-boat crew are stranded in northern Canada. To avoid internment, they must make their way to the border and get into the still-neutral U.S.
Movie: Across the Pacific ( 1942 )
In December 1941, ex-army captain Rick Leland boards a Japanese ship heading to Asia via the Panama Canal where his Japanese hosts show interest in the American defense plans for the canal zone.
Movie: Desperate Journey ( 1942 )
When the crew of a downed British bomber escape from their Nazi captors with Top Secret intelligence, they make a desperate journey to get out of Germany alive.
Movie: Went the Day Well? ( 1942 )
An English village is occupied by disguised German paratroopers as an advance post for a planned invasion.
Movie: Commandos Strike at Dawn ( 1942 )
A gentle widower, enraged at Nazi atrocities against his peaceful Norwegian fishing village, escapes to Britain and returns leading a commando force against the oppressors.
Movie: Air Force ( 1943 )
The crew of an Air Force bomber arrives in Pearl Harbor in the aftermath of the Japanese attack and is sent on to Manila to help with the defense of the Philippines.
Movie: Edge of Darkness ( 1943 )
After two years under German rule, a small Norwegian fishing village rises up and revolts against the occupying Nazis.
Movie: Bombardier ( 1943 )
Major "Chick" Davis is convinced that high-level bombing will win the next war. He convinces the powers-that-be to set up a bombardier school. He efficiently sets about training the USAAF's first generation of high-level bombardiers.
Movie: Action in the North Atlantic ( 1943 )
An American tanker is sunk by a German U-boat and the survivors spend eleven days at sea on a raft. They're next assigned to the liberty ship "Sea Witch" bound for Murmansk through the sub-stalked North Atlantic.
Movie: The Story of Dr. Wassell ( 1944 )
When the U.S. forces withdraw from Java, ahead of the Japanese invasion, U.S. Navy doctor Corydon M. Wassell coordinates the remaining wounded servicemen and leads them to safety towards the last Allied evacuation points.
Movie: The Fighting Seabees ( 1944 )
During WW2, the U.S. Navy implements a new idea of forming construction battalions that also are fighting units, in case of Japanese attack.
Movie: They Were Expendable ( 1945 )
The PT boat unit Motor Torpedo Boat Squadron Three defends the Philippines from Japanese invasion during World War II.
Movie: Captain Carey, U.S.A. ( 1950 )
A group of agents in the U.S. Office of Strategic Services (forerunner of the C.I.A.) are sent to France, during World War II, to knock out the French railroad system and, in accomplishing this mission, most of them will be killed because of an inside betrayal. After the war, one of the agents returns to find the traitor.
Movie: Battleground ( 1950 )
True tale about a squad of the 101st Airborne Division coping with being trapped by the Germans in the besieged city of Bastogne, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge in December of 1944.
Movie: Ten Tall Men ( 1952 )
During the Rif War in Morocco, the French Foreign Legion's outpost of Tarfa is threatened by Khalif Hussein's tribes but Sergeant Mike Kincaid devises a plan of survival until the arrival of French reinforcements.
Movie: Decision Before Dawn ( 1952 )
As the US Army approaches Nazi Germany, they recruit German prisoners to spy behind German lines.
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