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Fargo (2014)
Bete Noir 1 points 16 days ago.

I thought the first season was in the same class. After that, not so much. Good tip, though.

Jhigh03 0 points 3 hours ago.

i agree completely on ur assessment of “True Detectives” Again, Youve probably seen it already but “Mad Men” was very smartly written. I also enjoyed “Bates Motel”. Not as smart as the others I mentioned but the atmosphere it creates more than makes up for that.

Unhinged (2020)
Invalid ID -1 points 6 days ago.

Lesson is, don’t be an a*hole, and if you are in a moment of weakness, apologize if given the opportunity. There are crazies out there who can’t be reasoned with. That girl was a cnt, and continued to be even after given a chance to rectify it. Good on fatty dude.

Trish3809 0 points 15 hours ago.

lol, come on…ppl need to know when to just move on but in some ways your right, I feel ya.

Trickster (2020)
silverfoxraven 1 points 11 days ago.

Hurts my heart that nobody mentioned Letterkenny while listing good Canadian tv shows :( IF you’ve somehow never heard of it, give it a whirl, it can be silly at times, but also hilarious.

Jhigh03 -1 points 4 hours ago.

as i was reading that interesting exchasnge i too was wondering about “*LetterKenny”. I don’t think I’ve ever come across a comedy that was as smartly written as that. It may be too much of a “thinker” for people looking to get some laughs off but it truly is a diamond in the ruff. Multiple watches may even reveal some hidden laughs since i’m sure, at least, a few of the jokes went over my head the first time.

Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
inflateAdate -2 points 23 hours ago.

IMO This is the worst “Thee Absolute Worst” Star Trek Series.

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